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Topper Coolviscos allows your mattress to adapt perfectly to the body, modifying its level of rigidity where needed to make it more comfortable.

The padding in Memorex moulds itself using the pressure of the body weight, without creating any tension. In addition, the ultra-soft fibre makes the mattress itself softer.

The covering in Coolmax ® fabric, which is light and natural to the touch, perfectly controls both the skin temperature and the level of body moisture, and allows the humidity given off by the body during sleep to be eliminated more quickly, keeping the body dry and cool.

The anti-bacterial treatment ensures that the topper is hygienic at all times, to ensure healthy rest.


The fabric in Coolmax ® is highly breathable and dissipates perspiration between the body and the topper.

The anti-bacterial treatment combats the proliferation of bed mites and bacteria.

Active principes: Benzisothiazolinone, Octylisothiezolinone


The 1-cm layer in Memorex, together with the layer in super-soft fibre, ensures extreme softness and comfort. 

In particular, Memorex allows the body-weight to be evenly distributed, increasing the contact surfaces and reducing pressure points.

4 practical, convenient elastic bands allow the topper to be fixed easily over the corners of the mattress.