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It is designed specially for anyone who prefers firmer support, thanks to the Eliocell Firm in the inside, that provides the right level of body support, distributes it evenly in relation to the pressure points, and ensures that the spine is correctly aligned.

The anti-bacterial treatment in the covering fabric ensures that the topper is hygienic at all times, because it protects it from bed mites, bacteria, moulds, and bad odours. It is recommended for people with allergies.


The anti-allergenic fabric with anti-bacterial treatment* combats the proliferation of bacteria and is resistant over time.

Active principles: Benzisothiazolinone, Octylisothiazolinone 


The padding in Eliocell Firm, combined with the padding in super-soft fibre, gives the body a sensation of superb comfort.

4 practical, convenient elastic bands allow the topper to be fixed easily over the corners of the mattress.