This mattress benefits from a guarantee of quality and conformity, in accordance with the Legislative Decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005 ("Consumer Code").

This guarantee is offered by Alessanderx spa and it is valid for two years from the date of purchase written on the receipt, which must be produced by the purchaser for the purpose of proof of purchase date.

  • Do not warp or roll up the mattress.
  • The internal structure of the mattress should not be exposed to direct sunlight (only for latex ones).
  • Air out the mattress regularly by turning it every week and flipping it upside-down every season (summer / winter). This process allows the evaporation of moisture and prevents the growth of mold, ensuring an 
  • When you have to flip the mattress, never completely pull on the handles but on the mattress structure itself.
  • Alessanderx spa reserves the right to have the defective mattress inspected by one of its appointees, in order to check its status and the cause of the defect before its return. Alessanderx spa reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether to replace or repair the mattress. The mattress should reach the company headquarters adequately packed to avoid further damage.
  • The guarantee operates if the defects and faults are reported within two months from the date on which they are found, by fax to the number +39 0574 5101235.
  • If, following a timely complaint by the consumer, the existence of flaws and / or defects is ascertained, Alessanderx spa will be obliged to repair or replace, at its discretion, the mattress, at its own expense.

For more details on the use and maintenance of the mattress and to extend the warranty please click here.