The values of Dormir can be summed up with 3 simple words: care freshness and quality


Dormir offers products that are designed for the whole family, to guarantee proper rest for you and your children, with mattresses designed for your wellbeing and peaceful rest.

We like to take care of you and your sleep, because proper sleep is fundamental for the mental and psycho-physical balance: sleep regenerates the body and restores the mind, and we wish to offer you the guarantee of doing this on safe, certified products.

Valori Brand Dormir
Valori Brand Dormir


Our product ranges are fresh and up-to-the-minute in style, and always offer the right amount of comfort and support for every need.

We place particular attention on the choice of our fabrics, the colours and design of our products to ensure the ranges of a young, contemporary design. Our objective is to satisfy the tastes of all the family, never forsaking the quality of the product itself and the materials selected.


A high-quality product is certain to be long lasting. This is one of our aims and a cornestone of our business.

The fact that our products are 100% Italian-made is a guarantee of the fabrics, the materials, and the workmanship of our mattresses and pillows. We want everyone who chooses us to rest properly, and transform sleeping into a moment of wellbeing and relaxation for the body and the mind.

Valori Brand Dormir